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No one enjoys being part of a legal issue. So when you are looking for a legal representative in Leesburg, VA, you want someone with both experience and dedication. With these qualifications, The Law Office of Charles F. Koehler is ready to serve you. We provide professional services surrounding the areas of felonies, DUI defense criminal  defense law, family law and civil litigation at affordable prices.

Dealing with legal issues alone is not only stressful but can be extremely confusing. We offer an initial consultation so that you clearly understand the legalities of your situation, your legal options and the services that we can render.  Whether you are facing an family law dispute like divorce or custody law, or need help with civil litigation in Leesburg, VA, look no further than the Law Office of Charles F. Koehler, P.C.

We specialize in criminal defense and family law, so we are prepared to handle all issues ranging from separation and divorce to traffic misdemeanors and criminal drug and felony charges. If any of these issues apply to you, please give us a call today and see how we can help with your legal issue.

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